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Make new friends around the world and meet new cultures.
Meet patients, doctors, ordinary people, alternative medicine specialists, and share your knowledge in medicine or experiences.
Create, join projects and events near you or anywhere on the planet.

Organize fundraising or paid events with amazing fundraising, events and ticketing platform.
Everybody is very welcome.
Together let us build the connected healthcare.
Our aim is to create a one point stop for healthcare in the world. The Healthcare of Tomorrow.
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OUR GOAL: Improving healthcare for every human being on this planet and giving hope and financial helping hand for those in need anywhere on earth.
Create a more social world for mutual benefit.
With the constant pressure to increase the quality of patient care and the desire to provide new services, while at the same time controlling costs. The Telemedical Networks is planning to work with healthcare providers in order to leverage the power of video networks to link patients, specialists, and clinicians, thus further extending the reach of healthcare.
We would like to contribute to a better and greener life by solving transportation and communication issues with Telepresence in developing and emerging countries.

Whether you are in China, Japan, USA, Africa, Europe or Korea, join us and let us build the framework of the common Healthcare, the Unified Healthcare.

Meet specialists as well as non medical specialists. Meet a complete stranger, exchange ideas, expand your world.

Sometimes, just sharing your pains, will help you through a long battle of a lonely medical treatment.

The next advice could mean, the whole world for you.

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Share music, video, files, chat and enjoy the Skype integration. All from the Telemedical Networks platform.

Whether, you would like to be anonymous or not, it is your choice.

We just hope, you get your answers and meet new amazing people.


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